Sumner ARES Silent Keys


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This page is dedicated to the members, and member's licensed family members regardless of the individual's status in Sumner ARES, that have passed.  The term silent key, and it's abbreviation SK, is used when referring to an amateur radio operator who is deceased. The procedural signal "SK" has historically been used in Morse code as the last signal sent from a station before ending operation, usually just before shutting off the transmitter. Since this was the last signal received by other operators, the code was adopted to refer to any amateur radio operator who is deceased, regardless of whether they were known to have used telegraphy in their communications.  These individuals listed will forever be memorialized here on this page and in our hearts. For those Sumner ARES members listed here, we appreciate your invaluable contribution to our mission and to Amateur Radio.  Rest in Peace....

Sumner ARES Members are listed in BLUE. IF it appears in parentheses, then the preceding name and call sign is a family member SK of the Sumner ARES member.

 Jack Babbitt Sr.,  WA5ZAY/SK (Jack Babbitt, WA5ZAY)

Bobby Moon, N4NOJ/SK (Troy McCoun, KI4ICC)

Ed Wright,  KK4RWI/SK



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