SCARES Training Net Preamble Updated

To all SCARES members,

The Sumner ARES Training Net Preamble has been updated to reflect the additions to the W4LKZ repeater system.  The revised version is now available to download from the Documents & Links section of Thank you, Aaron (KI1Q)!

And for those who have yet to join SCARA (Sumner County Amateur Radio Association), I would like to encourage you to do so.  They are the owners of the W4LKZ repeater system and have graciously given us permission to use that system for all SCARES activities.  They have completed, and are in the process of continuing to expand the system into what will arguably be one of the best repeater systems in TN.  These updates require a lot of time, talent, effort, and most of all, money!  Your modest $20 will go a long way in bolstering this system, which is integral to our emergency communications operations.


Scotty | N4WRD