Review of the August SCARES Meeting

Greetings SCARES Members,

Here are some of the highlights of tonight's meeting;

1) We discussed in a bit more detail the importance of having mutual
aid agreements and interoperability between counties. As a part of
this venture to seek agreements between different counties, we will be
attending the Davidson Co. ARES meeting in the month of September.
Davidson Co. also holds their ARES meeting @ 7pm on the third Tuesday
of the month at Lock Two Park. We will send out a reminder as the
time gets closer

2) From different feedback we have gotten from other members, and
also due to the scheduling conflict from item #1, we will be holding
the September ARES meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month. This
will be riding the coat-tails of the SCARA meeting, which starts at
7pm @ the EOC. We are trying to promote the participation in both
organizations and have better alignment between the two groups for
those that are members of both. For those that only want to
participate in the ARES meeting, we have a tentative starting time of
8pm. If this goes well and we receive positive feedback, we will look
at possibly moving the ARES meeting to this new time slot.

3) I (KI1Q) am still planning to hold an ICS 700/800 class at the
EOC on Saturday Sep. 1st @ 9am. This should only last until noon but
could possibly run until 1pm (we will play it by ear). For those of
you interested in the class, please send me an email telling me you
will be attending, even if it's only a possibility at this point so I
can have an accurate count in order to have the proper resources.

4) Scotty (N4WRD) and I will be going out to Sumner Regional this
Thursday from 11am to 1pm to assess their Amateur Radio station and
equipment. We will be making a punch list (if need be) for a later
visit to correct any issues if we are unable to do so at the time of
the visit. In an upcoming date we will also be doing the same for
Hendersonville and eventually Trousdale.

5) We ran a mock SKYWARN activation tonight! (Yes, that was my
surprise) Thanks to everyone who participated and especially thanks to
Gary (KG4SFB) who was acting as Net Control and did quite a smashing
job I must say. I am planning to do more of these in the coming
months to get more of our members involved and aware. This is
something that is very important in the supporting of our served
agencies and I encourage everyone to give it a try or it may be forced
upon you <evil grin>.

6) I am creating a short PowerPoint presentation on emergency
communications and the roles that an Amateur Radio operator provides
during an incident with the purpose of presenting this to the
hospitals of Sumner County (and possibly surrounding counties)


A reminder to all who operate at the radio room at the EOC under the
SCARA callsign W4LKZ:

If you do operate as W4LKZ, it has been asked by Richard Pryor to
complete a log entry in the provided logbook at the radio room. It is
simply a way to keep track of who operates when for future reference
if needed. You don't need to put down all the people that you checked
in if you run a net as LKZ. Just who you are, when, frequencies, mode,
and any remarks if applicable. If you run HF and get a contact on 40
meters, log that down. If you ragchew on 2 Meters on .67, log that
down too. If you run a training net for SCARES as LKZ, log that as

This Saturday is Williamson County ARES' meeting at the Golden Corral
in Cool Springs at 8am. Though neither Aaron nor I will be available
to join the WCARES meeting, we encourage that you go and say hi to our
friends down south of town. There is nothing better than just to meet
face to face with fellow hams of a different team. You never know when
you'll be working together in the future! Don't worry too much about
establishing mutual aid, that will come in time. It's more important
to have eyeball QSO's with your fellow amateurs. So if you can make
it, feel free to go and enjoy a good breakfast and talk shop.

(Over the next several months we plan on meeting with several counties
in Middle TN and southern KY. A few at a time each month. I'll keep
you posted with the when and where's as time passes!).

Think that was it.

Great job to those who participated in the SKYWARN scenario training
tonight. Can't wait to do more in the future!


Lyle & Aaron; 1Q & 1Q