HF frequencies for W4F

A number of questions have arisen regarding the frequencies we intend to operate on the air. The published HF frequencies for W4F are 28350, 14315, 7220, 3950. If those frequencies are found to be in use or unavailable, we will attempt to use a close adjacent frequency +/- 3-5k away. Please note that the above are only voice frequencies, but we also intend to work CW and digital as well. We also intend to be on additional bands such as 15 and 6 if conditions and station capability permit.

Our talk in VHF/UHF frequencies will be the SCARA repeater system consisting of the 147.24, 444.35, and 444.00 repeaters on Music Mtn Gallatin and Hendersonville respectively.

More details to come!


Lyle WR1Q