Sumner ARES Team on ALERT!!!

Due to the severity of the weather heading our way, the Sumner ARES Team is on ALERT!  Be advised of the information below from the National Weather Service in Nashville.    Stay tuned to 147.240 (pl 114.8) and check your email/twitter accounts for updates.  This system could stay in our area for several hours and we may need a shift change at the EOC.

[From the NWS]

Severe Weather Expected Today

  • Tornado threat is high
    • Including strong and long track tornadoes
    • •Highest threat near and north of I-40

  • Very high potential for damaging straight line
    • Winds and large hail as well

  • Severe weather timing
    • Possible just about anytime today
    • Highest threat beginning around Noon west and ending
      late evening Plateau

SPC "High Risk" Today

  • High Risk is rare and reserved for the highest
    impact events
    • 30 percent chance of a tornado within 25 miles of
      a point

  • Only around 5 "High Risk" days per year

  • The portion of Middle TN in today's "High Risk"
    has not been in one since 4/7/2006

  • Significant severe weather outbreak expected
    • Including strong/long track tornadoes

  • Localized flash flooding possible

  • Real time storm information will save lives today.
    We need everyone's help!!!