Potential Winter Weather

There is an expectation of some winter weather tomorrow.  The greatest snow accumulations is thought to happen at the higher elevations, however this particular storm is quite unpredictable.  The watch is set from 9am 6pm tomorrow with the bulk of the impact in the early to mid-afternoon hours. Ground temperatures are high enough that any accumulation is not expected to last.  

There was no mention of MTEARS or SKYWARN being activated, but they will of course be monitoring NWSChat, and reports can be given over the phone.  The NWS would be happy to hear from spotters with any of the normal reporting criteria, but also: snow accumulations above a 1/2 inch, sagging tree branches due to snow accumulation, trees down, broken limbs, downed power lines, etc.  

So, just be on the lookout for winter weather.  Be warm and be safe!


Scotty | N4WRD
Always N4WRD, never in reverse!